The Hill

I am coming down the hill in the morning
the morning dew fresh and light
people gather as I pass their tents
the shouts grow louder
"Hosannah to the Son of David"

I am coming down the hill
the cold night boring deep into my soul
soldiers at my side
I am tied to prevent escape
though escape is not on my mind.

I am coming down the hill
I have been betrayed by my friends
into the hands of those who want me dead
They call me a messiah, and I am
just not the one they were expecting

I am coming down the hill
a crossbeam over my shoulders
someone called Simon helps the load
we arrive at Gehenna
it means hell, little do they really know

I am looking down the hill
The pain drains my life
The darkness closes in
Heaven and Earth break down
The Father weeps for a Son

I am coming down the hill
A hill that none have seen
The barricades of hell fall down
The rescue is made
I am the light which the darkness cannnot hold

I am coming down the hill
Mary runs ahead to tell my friends
A new world is dawning
Heaven and Earth are reconciled
The Father greets the Son.

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