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The Darkest Day

I wake in the darkness One side of my face swollen from the beatings It hurts when I breathe I think my fingers are broken Abba, Abba, I’d rather the bitter cup of hemlock than this How much longer will they have their way?

I heard his screams during the night A nightmare for every piece of silver – that bloodied money I just don’t get it He can bring people back from the dead He can calm a storm. What’s happening here?What have I done?
Ecce Homo. Pilate.A thug in a smart suit. Representative of power and might, or so he thinks. Just a puppet in truth.When I look at him, I see the puppet master The one holding his strings Only he has no idea, it is so sad to see.
No, no…he looked right into my soul I saw him with the cross beam, hardly recognisable His face beaten out of shape But his eyes; piercing, full of forgiveness no anger or retribution I don’t deserve that; how dare he, how can he forgive me. I can’t go on, I want to run and hide!
Father, Forgive them for they really don’t know what they have done Le…

At the foot of the cross - It is finished

It is finished The work is done. Evil’s force has been spent on him. The beloved bears all, arms spread wide. Judgement is served. The veil is torn in two. Heaven kisses the earth in love. Silently, how silently, this wondrous gift is given. Sin is forgiven Jesus sleeps at rest

Chrysalis Bible study group Luke 3:21-4:13; the baptism of Jesus and the temptation

Luke 3:21-4:13 The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus of Nazareth

Baptism: Luke has heaven opening as Jesus prays – after the Baptism not during. -Matthew – heaven opens AFTER Jesus left the water -Mark – as Jesus was coming up…he saw heaven being torn open. -John – The Baptist talks about Jesus’ baptism but John does not share the synoptics’ story
Key points –
1 Opening of heaven is not public at this point, it is known only to Jesus and possibly the Baptist (John 1:32)
2 Heaven and earth are united in the person of Jesus.At this moment, he entered full realization of who he was, fully divine and fully human.
3 The Temple becomes obsolete, this could be why John’s Gospel has the clearing of the temple closely related.Jesus is the new Temple, the way and the means of God’s putting right of his beautiful creation.
4 We need to meet with God before we can minister to others.

The Genealogy of Jesus
Matthew and Luke totally differ in some sections. Luke adds Adam to Abraham Much the same from Abra…

Living with Depression

It has been about 5 months now that I have been officially living with Depression, though I suspect it was an unwanted squatter for a while before that.  It has been a fascinating journey that we have taken together into the wilderness with an occasional drinking hole from time to time.

One of the key things I have discovered on this journey is that Depression does not appear only a sickness of the mind; the body is sick too.  I have put up with pain just about everywhere, and yet if I were to have a scan (I had one recently on the knee and Thoracic Spine), I am pretty certain they would be reported as normal.  Those two were.

I think the waves of uncalled for and unwarranted sadness is one of the hardest elements to cope with.  There is nothing for me to sad about really; I am happily married to a wonderful woman and have two talented daughters who I love very much, and yet there are times that I just feel indescribably sad.

I am sure that most people would think that this is due …

Chrysalis Bible Study 11.3.16

Chrysalis Bible study 6:  11/03/2016     Luke 2: 41-52 & 3:1-20 Refs:NIV Bible L Morris (Tyndale Commentaries) Luke M Wilcock (The Bible Speaks Today) Luke T Wright Luke for everyone
You recall that Luke completed his account of the presentation of the infant Jesus at the temple with a summary of His growth and development thereafter. He now picks up the story with one episode in Jesus life, which occurred when He was twelve years old.
At thirteen boys became fully active in the synagogue, but it wasn’t unusual for them to be introduced to what was expected of them some time earlier. Additionally Jews were to observe three festivals annually – Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles – in fact many observed only the Passover (the prelude to the release of the Israelites from Egypt on the night that all the firstborn male children died, unless the sheeps’ blood smeared on the lintels of the houses protected those within) and Mary and Joseph have gone up to Jerusalem for the occasion and tak…