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Do this is remembrance of me

Message13 November 2016
A message for Remembrance Sunday - What is Remembrance about? 
My English thesaurus offers the following concerning the word Remembrance.Recollection, reminiscence, retrospection, keepsake, consideration, regard and thought among others.The words suggest a “gathering in” of that which we want to hold dear to.The word “Remember” bears echoes of Re-membering, a re-joining to a collective sense of our community.By the act of re-membering someone or something, we consciously bring that person or event within the walls of our community.We keep it safe, as we would a keepsake. War takes people from the experiences of an ordinary life into extra- ordinary situations and experience.Many of these experiences are too horrific to speak about openly.Witnesses to man’s seeming insatiable desire to inflict suffering on each other often need help to re-join so called “Normal Society”.As individuals, we aim to re-member them into our communities (be it family, group or larger com…