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This is the latest in my series of poems.  I hope you enjoy it.

40 days in the wilderness 40 nights alone My only friend the desert rat Scurrying for cover under a sundrenched sky
Dust devils weave their magic Dancing patterns of dust at my feet Gravel in my hair My mouth too dry to speak
Visions of food waft before me Hot bread, Cool wine Except this is a fantasy The LORD alone is my reality
The tempter hasn’t finished yet He know how this will end Visions of my future, betrayal, despair and death Does he really think I care?
Leave this trap and come to me Worship me and you can have it all Liar! He doesn’t have the world to give I and my Father are one
Cool breath of God whispers over me Bathed in the Spirit’s light Refreshing waters of life run through me.

Football and being a Christian

I have been a lifelong supporter of Manchester United, probably in part because my Dad supported them and I learnt about the Munich Aircrash Disaster, quite early in my life.

I remember getting overly excited at games on TV, no doubt shouting at the ref and even wrote to the FA once complaining about the lack of fairness over a dismissal.

However I have started to wonder whether football, especially as it is portrayed in the media and how the premier league is run is truly compatible with me calling myself a Christian.  The overriding principle of Football these days is to make money, and this is carried out on the pitch by fair means or foul it would seem.  The amount of players who all too readily try and win a penalty by diving is evidence of this.  When the commentators suggest that it is reasonable for the player to go to ground - that is what you should do for the team after all - and hearing players and managers support their colleagues when it is clear that their has been chea…

The first morning

The First Morning
I stand in the midst of Hell Pain and suffering surround me. I arrived bound, but now I am free. The thief lies cowering in the corner I spread my wings and light spreads everywhere The darkness flees before it. I break the gates of Hell, those held for eternity are freed.
I live

Through darkness and mist I open my eyes and wake. Light streams into the place where I am A man in white stands by the doorway Hands expertly free me from a shroud Gently I am helped to stand
I rise
I stand by a cross I see my friends running to the Tomb Peter goes inside He still looks broken John looks around but doesn’t see me They leave
I have risen
Mary is left, she sees me Asks me what I have done with the body. “Mary” “Rabboni” Sweet Joy.Mary understands. I am left alone with the cross and an empty tomb
I am risen
I am the resurrection and the life Come to me and I will give you rest Today is the new beginning, the new covenant Live with me!I am risen so that you may rise in me

The Cross

Beaten, Abused, Kicked , Flogged
Pain sears my body with each lash of the whip.
My mind loses focus;
I try to breathe:

Love the enemy

Half conscious, we are dragged inside
A crossbeam tied to our arms.
The smell consumes me
Sweat, blood, excrement.
I vomit.

Love the enemy.

My legs won't work, I can hardly see;
I fall, landing face first in the dross of humanity.
I feel strong arms
A face I have seen before, Simon Cyrene
I look into his eyes, into his soul
In hell's midst, another child is saved.

Piercing pain shoots through my wrists and feet.
I am blind.
All I can hear is the Tempters voice
"Save yourself", "Follow me and you can be their King"
I am God.  I am love

Love the enemy

My God, My God, where are you?
The darkness closes in
My mind swirls in freefall...
Into the wings of the Father.
Father forgive them.

Love the enemy

The bonds break free
The shackles are broken
Tempter is defeated.
I reach out in love, he runs to hide
Light bursts forth
Love endu…

The Garden

The Garden Prayer; I don’t want to be here My insides convulse with fear; Is there a way out? What if I just walk away?
Prayer; I can’t sleep, I hear every sound; Senses on red alert The snoring of my friends Father how can they sleep?
Prayer; Father, I know your will We are one. Angel whispers; “Do not be afraid” The tempter retorts, “Walk away”
Prayer; NO!!! My cry wakes Peter from a slumber I am sweating blood; I am cold – shivering Torches approach up the hill – it is coming.
Prayer; Father hold me close; Spirit fill me We are one Judas.A kiss. A scuffle.A sword flashes One more healing – My friends run away It is done.

©Colin Waldock April 2014

The Hill

I am coming down the hill in the morning
the morning dew fresh and light
people gather as I pass their tents
the shouts grow louder
"Hosannah to the Son of David"

I am coming down the hill
the cold night boring deep into my soul
soldiers at my side
I am tied to prevent escape
though escape is not on my mind.

I am coming down the hill
I have been betrayed by my friends
into the hands of those who want me dead
They call me a messiah, and I am
just not the one they were expecting

I am coming down the hill
a crossbeam over my shoulders
someone called Simon helps the load
we arrive at Gehenna
it means hell, little do they really know

I am looking down the hill
The pain drains my life
The darkness closes in
Heaven and Earth break down
The Father weeps for a Son

I am coming down the hill
A hill that none have seen
The barricades of hell fall down
The rescue is made
I am the light which the darkness cannnot hold

I am coming down the hill
Mary runs ahead to tell my friends
A new worl…

no-win scenarios

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you feel there is nowhere to go. A no-win scenario.I am sure you have all been in situations where you need to do or say something, knowing that whatever you do or say the outcome will be challenging.The story of Lazarus’ resurrection from the dead by Jesus, I think, opens a window for us on just this type of situation.It also gives us three perspectives.Two from humanity; one accepting God, the other rejecting God.And further it gives us a glimpse of God’s perspective on life, and his take on how to cope with “no win” scenarios.
First of all it’s worth looking a little at who wrote about this story, and where they were based.
These lines of scripture from the Gospel of John were written and composed by the Johannine Community in Ephesus towards the latter part of the first Century.Most scholars agree that the final version of the Gospel was produced between 90-100 C.E.Whilst it is quite possible that the Gospel was written by John…