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Putting God first, what does it mean?

Romans 8:1-11
Does anyone else find the letter to Romans a bit difficult to get to grips with?I remember having to do my very first exegesis on a verse in Romans as part of my training and I got it totally wrong.From these things one can learn. – Hopefully, anyway.I will let you judge for yourselves.
The first thing for me in looking at scripture readings for services is never to look in isolation at the reading, because for the simple reason is that it is attached to chapters either side and forms an important part of the whole.If you were reading a letter, or lets say an email from a friend or colleague, would you take a sentence out of the email and seek meaning from that without looking at the rest of the message.What if there was a sentence that said, “Leave immediately”.What could that mean.It may make more sense of course if you took it in context if the email said, “Make sure that in the event of fire.” What if you took just the words, taking them out of context so that you just …