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What does the Resurrection mean to you?

I wonder what the resurrection means to you?For some of us it is a hope for the future.For many in modern western Christianity it is something mysterious that will happen after we die, or at the end of time with the second coming of Jesus.Some people might think that there is a bodily resurrection.For others resurrection is a more spiritual affair.Perhaps a type of oneness with God.Often times our thoughts and beliefs are tied in to what we think heaven may be and we what we see as our purpose or role as humans in this world.
I remember when I was about 11 years old, and my school teacher picked on me to answer what was my aim in life.I think I must have been in an RE lesson at the time, and certainly it was at junior school.I remember mumbling something like “to get to heaven”.It seemed to be the appropriate response at the time.Since then like most people, my thinking has changed profoundly, and to such an extent that I am truly no longer the person that I was.Indeed, having undergon…