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The Magi

Based on Matthew 2:1-12, a meditation on the Magi in the form of a poem.Legend has it that there were 3 Magi, we traditionally think of them as Kings and Cologne Cathedral has a reliquary that purports to contain bones of them.We even have given them 3 names, Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspar but biblically we know very little.They are only mentioned in Matthew’s Gospel and all we know is that were Magi, we are not given their names or how many there were.We see them as Gentile Kings paying Homage to Jesus and gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh have been given meanings that may not have been an initial intent.We have also forgotten how the visit itself seems to have led directly to a massacre.

We are the misrepresented Our message warped In nativities; We are Kings, celebrities, spacemen, Robots, figures of fun
We gave notice of revolution Of an ancient prophecy coming to term Of the birth of new beginnings The birth of Immanuel
We followed a light Announced a new king And in our wake Outpouring…

T'was the week before Christmas

Readings:Isaiah 7:10-17; Matthew 1:18-25
It’s one week to go until Christmas.In the words of Corporal Jones; Don’t Panic!!
In the last minute rush when we suddenly get a card or a present from someone we haven’t provided for, or when we might be forced into sudden changes of plans; it is easy to forget that the Christmas that we celebrate these days bears little in relation to the first Christmas.In other words we say we remember the birth of Jesus, but really we run about buying presents and have we done this, have we done that??
Our readings today from Isaiah and the Gospel of Matthew contain some points that if we take the time to look at them with a fresh set of eyes, may help in leading us to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the so-called Christmas Story.I’ll come back to the manner in which we call it a story later, but just for the moment, that phrase, how does it make you feel?Do you feel uncomfortable with the term Christmas story?Does it suggest that it really didn…

The God of surprises

We have considered this morning already that God might well be a God of surprises, and that we have to keep our wits about us.
Sometimes surprises by the way can come in the weirdest manner.Only last Saturday, we went to the supermarket in the morning and were regailed with a very tinny version of Hark the Herald Angels sing!My first thoughts were NO! This is too early.. followed closely by No! They are mullering one of my favourite Carols.Perhaps, however, our less than welcome surprise may have caused someone else to ask what the song is about and perhaps even to find out about the “new born King”.
And yet all too easily we fall into a trap of complacency and think we know all about advent and Christmas; assuming there is nothing more it can tell us, nothing more that can surprise us How often will you hear things like Christmas is all about family; it’s all about the children.Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without……you can insert whatever you choose here.
Advent contains more than o…

Do this is remembrance of me

Message13 November 2016
A message for Remembrance Sunday - What is Remembrance about? 
My English thesaurus offers the following concerning the word Remembrance.Recollection, reminiscence, retrospection, keepsake, consideration, regard and thought among others.The words suggest a “gathering in” of that which we want to hold dear to.The word “Remember” bears echoes of Re-membering, a re-joining to a collective sense of our community.By the act of re-membering someone or something, we consciously bring that person or event within the walls of our community.We keep it safe, as we would a keepsake. War takes people from the experiences of an ordinary life into extra- ordinary situations and experience.Many of these experiences are too horrific to speak about openly.Witnesses to man’s seeming insatiable desire to inflict suffering on each other often need help to re-join so called “Normal Society”.As individuals, we aim to re-member them into our communities (be it family, group or larger com…