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God the Storm Calmer

In Mark’s story of the events on Galilee, there is a sense of the disciples relating to Jesus as a Father figure.They were in trouble and they turned to the figure asleep in the back of their boat.The one who they had come to belief could fix anything.It also seems that they bothered him until he woke up.But there is so much more to this story than just that.
Mark shows us here that even the forces of nature answer to Jesus.This fits right into Jesus’ role as leading the final exodus.Just as God is seen saving the Israelites from the Egyptians when they had to cross the red sea (you’ll find that in Exodus Ch 14).Jesus here commands the forces of nature, and they immediately obey.It is clear then that Mark is making the claim that Jesus is none other than the God of Israel come in human form.No wonder the apostles were terrified.Jesus as a nice friendly and loving human is one thing.Jesus as the diving, passionate and holy God who throws out demons and commands the forces of nature, has…

O king

O King, we come to praise you in the highest heavens and in the lowest points of our lives We praise you for the beauty of creation, from the delight in the smallest flower or snowflake to the grandeur and power of a stupendous galaxy We bow at your feet, not out of fear but out of love and gratitude because you have saved us from ourselves.You have forgiven us in your Son, in his life, death and resurrection. We therefore shout your name from the rooftops, we lift your name on high.Take our lives Lord and let them be consecrated to you and you alone.
And when we mess up, Lord you don’t lord it over us, you never say with haughty pride – I told you so!No, you stoop and gently lift us back up and sometimes carry us until we regain our feet.Lord we are sorry, thankful and stand in awe of you for your holiness, your mercy, your ongoing forgiveness and your love filled Grace.
In Jesus Name

Who do you say Jesus is?

Theme- Who do you say Jesus is?
Who do you say Jesus is?There are those who would say that he is a figment of our imagination, that he didn’t really exist at all, that the question itself is therefore irrelevant.It is just a warped enquiry from those of us who don’t have the mental awareness to forge our own destiny.Others say that Jesus was a good man, a talented teacher, an ethicist or great renown, but most certainly not God.To the Muslims, he is a prophet second only to Mohammed.To the Hindus he is one among many gods.
There seemed to be confusion even among those who saw, heard and followed Jesus.We find in Mark 8, when Jesus asked his closest group of followers who he was, they answer “well, some say John the Baptist, some say Elijah and others say you are one of the other prophets”It seems that the jury was out even among these people who had met and who knew Jesus.It is no surprise therefore to see attitudes today to be in some ways similar.
It must be discomforting though, to th…