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Is God really Our God?

Sermon GMC 30/10/2016
I guess at first glance it might seem a bit odd placing a gospel parable about the evil tenants that we heard in Luke with the celebration of a baptism, a time when the church praises alongside the Angels and Archangels in Heaven when a soul reaches out to accept God’s love and forgiveness.
However; and in scripture there is always a however.Baptism is more than a feel good day and a time of celebration.It is that of course, but it is also a public demonstration of an individual’s decision to follow Jesus; and it’s more than that.It is a reminder to all of us who have passed through the waters of baptism of the promises we have made before God and before our fellow people.A reminder too, perhaps, of where we all are on our own journey of pilgrimage.A time perhaps for reflection.Are we making progress?Are we growing?Have we taken a wrong turning?Do we need to seek out again the author of our faith?Do we need to reach out and to hold on to Jesus if we have thought we…

The New Covenant

Today I want to discuss the New Covenant and what Scripture may or may not say about it.
In our first reading today, the Prophet Jeremiah speaks of a new beginning and also in a line often forgotten in the reading talks about individual responsibility, vv29-30; In those days they shall no longer say: “The parents have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” But all shall die for their own sins; the teeth of everyone who eats sour grapes shall be set on edge.In other words, no longer will children have to pay for the sins of their forebears.Jeremiah was likely saying here that the new Israel will not pay for the failings of the old Nation state.Rather it is the one who rebels who will face the consequencies.
Some theologians argue that vv31-34, a very well known piece of scripture does not speak of the new covenant in Jesus but speaks contextually to a renewal of God’s covenant with Israel.There are of course conflicting views with an equally strong validity by other…