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It has been a while since I last blogged.  I have now progressed in the journey to being placed "on note" as a local preacher.  On reflection this has not seemed to change me very much at the moment.  I am still full of questions and sometimes doubts, though these days I voice those doubts from within the very presence of God himself/herself??  Does that sound odd.  The thought that I might apply a feminine typology to God or that I can voice doubts from within God's very presence.  Of course God is not a him or a her, not in the way we understand gender.  But I have come to believe that the deliniation of a "He" in isolation to that which is God is limiting our viewpoint.  I have to concede here that the pagans have a point.  I am certain there is a feminine dimention to the Trinity.  Perhaps to be found within the Holy Spirit??  Of course, I maintain that the pagans are wrong is rejecting Jesus, who is fully human and fully God.  The rejection of Jesus also l…