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The effects of what we say

I'd like to go off piste a little and just reflect on how important it is when we comment of other peoples work and the effect that our words can have.

This blog has principally been about my work as a local preacher, but outside of this I actually have two "proper jobs" so to speak.  I am a physiotherapist and an associate lecturer at a local University.

I submitted a case report to a journal recently and today received the feedback.  Now first of all, the think about being in academia means that you stick you head above the parapet whenever you submit anything and in a sense you are welcoming reviewers to find fault with your work.  I do this and I am doing it now actually as I have just put to side a portfolio to mark to write this blog.  However commentary can be supportive and enabling even when the student has missed the mark.  Just to be certain on this matter, I don't have an issue with receiving critique at all. I have just submitted a large grant applicatio…