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God Amongst us

What might you feel if you heard that God had moved in down the street?How would that feel like to you?Would you be glad?Would you invite him round for dinner?Would you invite him onto the Neighbourhood watch scheme?Would you sing and dance or perhaps hold a street party?
Or might you actually be a bit concerned about God being on the same street as you?After all, there wouldn’t be anywhere to hide.What if you accidentally met on the street corner?What would you say?What shouldn’t you say or do?
Today’s readings bring us different impressions of what it’s like when God moves in amongst us.
When David brought the ark to Jerusalem, we see a mixed story.What had started out, as a celebration is marred when the Ark in v7 apparently kills Uzzah. It is an odd part of the story to make sense of in 21st C Britain, it must seem that God acted in a way that we would deem to be totally unacceptable.After all, wasn’t Uzzah trying to stop the Ark from falling?The thing about getting to grips with anc…