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Living with Change

At the beginning of August, we went on a break to Cornwall.Having finally arrived after 8 hours and an overnight stop in Exeter, (the traffic was truly awful!).One of the highlights was a trip to Tintagel Castle.We dutifully followed the crocodile trail of tourists up and down the steps.It was worth the pain.The scenery was truly awe inspiring.
We visited Merlin’s cave – which isn’t a cave at all, it is a tunnel of rock.It turns out, not too surprisingly, that it is highly unlikely that either Arthur or Merlin really lived or stayed there.Needless to say, this has no effect on the seemingly healthy tourist trade.On the way up, we saw some sheep on the hillside.It got me thinking about the parable in Luke 15 concerning the Shepherd and the lost sheep.The hillsides at Tintagel were perilous, and we can perhaps use our imagination to sense the danger of a shepherd in the Middle East risking his life to save a sheep in trouble on a very steep hill.If we accept that Jesus is equated to the …