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Back again, I have officially started on my course to become a local preacher.  the last 3 weeks have been hectic.  Work continues apace.  Sadly my Uncle died of a brain haemhorrage - his funeral is tomorrow. The work on the house continues with a gas leak being the latest challenge.  I am doing the intercessory prayers again this weekend.  My theme will be the Beatitudes.  I have also adapted John 3:16 and made it relevant to Christmas.  Will chip in again after.


It has been a while since I last blogged.  I have now progressed in the journey to being placed "on note" as a local preacher.  On reflection this has not seemed to change me very much at the moment.  I am still full of questions and sometimes doubts, though these days I voice those doubts from within the very presence of God himself/herself??  Does that sound odd.  The thought that I might apply a feminine typology to God or that I can voice doubts from within God's very presence.  Of course God is not a him or a her, not in the way we understand gender.  But I have come to believe that the deliniation of a "He" in isolation to that which is God is limiting our viewpoint.  I have to concede here that the pagans have a point.  I am certain there is a feminine dimention to the Trinity.  Perhaps to be found within the Holy Spirit??  Of course, I maintain that the pagans are wrong is rejecting Jesus, who is fully human and fully God.  The rejection of Jesus also l…
Intercessory Prayers 18.9.2011.

Today the journey feels as though it has really begun.  At a packed service at GMC which included fan infant christening (which is always interesting) two adult baptisms, with a further person entering into membership, and holy communion, I was asked to lead the intercessory prayers slot.  This I did via a powerpoint.  With the assistance of the IT guys the presentation went well.  Initial comments have been positive.  Nothing went too pearshaped.  I look forward now to the next challenge.  I understand that there is not going to be a local preachers meeting until November so I am in a bit of a limbo situation regarding the training at present.  However, this may be a blessing from God and I will accept it as such.  The reading today focussed on the baptism of Jesus from Marks Gospel, and ended with Jesus enduring 40 days of temptation in the desert.  I wonder how I would have coped? I got the feeling that the scripture was speaking to me.  Does this me…
Next Sunday 18th I have been asked to lead the intercessory prayers.  It plans to be a busy service with an infant baptism, an adult baptism and holy communion.

This marks the beginning of my practical journey towards being a local preacher which is very exciting, whilst at the same time a little scary.  I have created a power point for this.  i will post next after the service to post a reflective peice.


Sunday 28 August I met with the church council who have voted in support of my application to enter training as a local preacher.  The course lasts for some 17 units so will be a lot of work and should last approx 3-4 years.  The meeting finished with our minister, the local superintendent of the circuit informing me that he next needs to inform me when the next local preacher meeting is scheduled.  I will need to attend their for interview when a decision will be made for me to be put "on note" which comprises the first 3 units.  I hope to keep this blog open and when I am provided with a mentor I will open it up for review by them and my tutor.

Work continues with the application of acupressure continuing to be very exciting. 

Since my decision to undertake this path, I have noticed that my stress levels have eased for which I am forever grateful.  I seem more aware that although life can throw challenges, I am convinced that God will be by my side through any and every ve…

wwjd 19/08/2011

Yesterday, I came to be at the epicentre of yet another altercation with the booking team at my workplace.  These disputes fwith members off the booking team are commonly associated with demeaning and aggressive behaviour on their part.  I found time today to spend time in the hospital chapel.  I felt called to the chapel.  When I arrived there I found plalms 95-96 were open on display in the bible.  The psalms spoke of the requirement to worship a God who is above all things and speak of the absolute Glory and Power of God against whom no one can stand.  This knowledge that this God is the Lord who fills me with the Holy Spirit and lives in me in the form of Jesus enables me to face conflict with a new courage and peace; one set in a foundation of a sure and certain awareness of God being at my side. "Not by might but by my Spirit"(Zech. 4:6) is laid on my soul.  It is not our fight but the Lord's.  It seems to me that the importance here is to maintain a close relati…


Yesterday I met with my church minister who is also the Superintendent of the circuit.  It marks the beginning of a journey I hope to undertake in becoming a local preacher.

Why should I do this?  Why now? 

I am a 48 year old Physiotherapist - a Clinical Specialist leading in the fields of acupuncture and non medical prescribing.  A considerable part of my caseload includes patients with chronic pain.  People with chronic pain not only have physical pain but also ffinevitably have to face up to emotional challenges, loss of earnings, loss of self esteem etc.  some of the problems run very deep and may be seen as spiritual in nature.  I have a talent with acupressure and have seen many patients helped by the art of gentle touch.  The combination of this with active listening can provide a powerful healing scenario.  I teach acupuncture to my colleagues and have received positive comments surrounding my presentation skills. 

I have been a Christian for many years and have always had a p…