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service reflection

Today I preached at Dene holm Methodist church, set in a community centre it serves the immediate Northfleet community.  The church suffers with a very small congregation at present though all are committed to the cause.  we were made very welcome and the service celebrated the first Sunday in Advent.  The congregation was mostly elderly people.  At their all age services they have attendance by the brownie and guide groups along with parents of the children but these people do not attend regularly which is a definite challenge to the church.

The songs were delivered by computer based music and unusual for a Methodist church, the singing was not strong.  I am not  sure what I can do differently as regards this.  The songs were traditional which fitted the congregation.

I received positive feedback from the congregation with several commenting that they would like me to come back again.  one of the congregation significantly commented that my message was "different" in a po…