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Is the Vineyard in good hands?

I have a confession to make.I spend a seemingly inordinate amount of time on computers.That may sound surprising to some as I am a Physiotherapist, and for a lot of people that creates a vision of infra-red lamps and massage (all sorts of things that I or my colleagues hardly do any more).Actually I suspect that I spend at least 50-60% of my time working at a keyboard.Then there is the inevitable work at home, including preparation for this very sermon, not to mention the apparent absolute necessity of social media sites such as twitter and facebook.Some of you may be thinking what really is the point of all this, and how does it impact on God’s message to humanity.Well, for my part I am inevitably exposed to opinions from people both Christian and non-Christian about a range of issues.Some of that opinion can be inspiring, and can lead me to reflect deeper about my own relationship with God, a lot of it sadly is the opposite, and can leave me wondering about whether we are being a fo…