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Sin and Forgiveness

What do we mean by SIN?(invite suggestions) What do we mean by forgiveness?
In my childhood, I was raised in the Catholic Church and as such confession was a regular occurrence.Most of the time I didn’t really know what to say, so offered a measly collection of lying, winding up a sibling etc.On reflection, I feel a bit sorry for the priest, who must have sat there listening to a litany of material that perhaps didn’t really mean anything.And those were the days before Ipods, and the like so he really had nowhere to escape to.When I was preparing to write this message, I started to wonder why I didn’t really know what to confess to.Was it a lack of imagination?Unikely, as I never had problems with imagining myself in all sorts of situations and crises, always of course as the hero.Was it because I didn’t sin?Definitely NO.I am the same as anyone else.No, on reflection, whatever one’s views on the place or value of the confessional; I think the problem for me what that I didn’t really ha…