This is the latest in my series of poems.  I hope you enjoy it.


40 days in the wilderness
40 nights alone
My only friend the desert rat
Scurrying for cover under a sundrenched sky

Dust devils weave their magic
Dancing patterns of dust at my feet
Gravel in my hair
My mouth too dry to speak

Visions of food waft before me
Hot bread, Cool wine
Except this is a fantasy
The LORD alone is my reality

The tempter hasn’t finished yet
He know how this will end
Visions of my future, betrayal, despair and death
Does he really think I care?

Leave this trap and come to me
Worship me and you can have it all
Liar! He doesn’t have the world to give
I and my Father are one

Cool breath of God whispers over me
Bathed in the Spirit’s light
Refreshing waters of life run through me.

The tempter runs – for now.

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