The first morning

The First Morning

I stand in the midst of Hell
Pain and suffering surround me.
I arrived bound, but now I am free.
The thief lies cowering in the corner
I spread my wings and light spreads everywhere
The darkness flees before it.
I break the gates of Hell, those held for eternity are freed.

I live

Through darkness and mist
I open my eyes and wake.
Light streams into the place where I am
A man in white stands by the doorway
Hands expertly free me from a shroud
Gently I am helped to stand

I rise

I stand by a cross
I see my friends running to the Tomb
Peter goes inside
He still looks broken
John looks around but doesn’t see me
They leave

I have risen

Mary is left, she sees me
Asks me what I have done with the body.
Sweet Joy.  Mary understands.
I am left alone with the cross and an empty tomb

I am risen

I am the resurrection and the life
Come to me and I will give you rest
Today is the new beginning, the new covenant
Live with me!  I am risen so that you may rise in me       

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