book review - Francesco, artist of Florence: The man who gave too much. Author Anita Matthias

This delightful little book available in paperbook at £3.99 from Amazon is a little gem.
Anita brings us a story that brings a 19th Century Florence Artist and his family to life and takes us on a journey of forgiveness.  Forgiveness for others and most importantly learning of the importance to forgive ourselves

This is really a valuable little book which sadly will probably end up being focussed in Christian bookshops, or sections on "religion", and enjoyed mostly by Churches and congregrations within the Catholic Tradition.  However, the story is pertinent to all children and adults alike.  I would recommend this book as a breath of fresh air to the 8-15 year old market, which can be enjoyed by parents as well.
I hope this is marketed in the  history section as well.


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