Ascension: What does it mean?

What does it mean to be a sheep? The second in a series looking at inclusion and integration

A couple of years ago I wrote a contemporary version of Psalm 23 when I was helping at a youth Alpha day; it went something like this. The Lord is my saviour, I shall not hide
he saves me from my nightmares,
my self doubt, my anxiety.
From demons in the night,
from destruction of anger, mistrust
and fear.
He is the restorer of my soul
He guides me through the darkness of my mind.

Even though I still get scared,
even though I sometimes find it hard to pray.
He provides me with all I need.
He sends Angels to walk by my side
and fills me with his Spirit.

I fear no evil when God is with me,
holding me in his arms, surrounding me with his love.
Surely I will rest in the wings of the Lord, my saviour all the days of my life.

Whilst it is OK, one of the main failings as far as I can tell is that it is very “me” focused”.And that says a lot about my criticism of a lot of Christian teaching and worship today.We are often told that Jesus died on the cross for me; well he did but it was also so mu…