The Cross

Beaten, Abused, Kicked , Flogged
Pain sears my body with each lash of the whip.
My mind loses focus;
I try to breathe:

Love the enemy

Half conscious, we are dragged inside
A crossbeam tied to our arms.
The smell consumes me
Sweat, blood, excrement.
I vomit.

Love the enemy.

My legs won't work, I can hardly see;
I fall, landing face first in the dross of humanity.
I feel strong arms
A face I have seen before, Simon Cyrene
I look into his eyes, into his soul
In hell's midst, another child is saved.

Piercing pain shoots through my wrists and feet.
I am blind.
All I can hear is the Tempters voice
"Save yourself", "Follow me and you can be their King"
I am God.  I am love

Love the enemy

My God, My God, where are you?
The darkness closes in
My mind swirls in freefall...
Into the wings of the Father.
Father forgive them.

Love the enemy

The bonds break free
The shackles are broken
Tempter is defeated.
I reach out in love, he runs to hide
Light bursts forth
Love endures

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