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Christmas - what is the point?

Christmas has come Presents unwrapped Tree emptied of gifts Carols joined in with Card written and posted Is this all there is?
No snow this year White Christmas only in dreams of yesteryear The Earth is changing rapidly Adapting to what we have done Floods, hurricanes, storms as never before If we don’t adapt, then what will happen?
Political point scoring Apocalyptic madness Refugees of war The disease of corporate greed Worshipping money and power Can we not see the consequences?
The Christ has come Yet still unrecognized, unseen Unwrapped, ignored, imprisoned within his manger Jesus, Immanuel God in human form
Jesus out of the manger Jesus at large, to the world a danger Jesus the rebel, the healer The sacrifice The King Our Lord and our God

Waiting - a poem for Advent

I sit at home, waiting Waiting for a mac to boot up, Waiting or the kettle to boil, Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for an email.
Waiting for something less banal on daytime TV Waiting for truth from an MP Waiting to see the GP Waiting in a queue for the blood lady Waiting to see a therapist
I have become almost an expert at waiting And yet I know so little Energy levels deleted A mind wrapped in fog Too tired to think or plan
I cry out to God, not sure if he is listening Why?What do I do with this? “Wait and rest in me” – the reply Wait and rest in me
So I try to see God in my waiting To see God in the moment And so I sit at home waiting. Waiting for God who came as a child outcast For God who will come again as King

A psalm for the 21st Century life

mental or physical, chicken or egg
trapped by a rat race.
Extra hours, no lunch
smart phones
no time for family or pleasure.
Work work work

Felled by my own success
called to a stop,
an inability to go on.
So I'll get off the rat race
that I didn't think I was on!
I will listen again to the ryhthms of life

I am plain exhausted
in body mind and spirit
can't think, can't plan.
What can I do?
R'n'R the doctor says
and on a bleak November day
I manage "Clementine" on the keyboard
small shoot of recovery?

The only word from God is
"Rest in my arms"
Lord God, creator of all
hold me safe as I rest
hold me safe as I accept your love
wash me again in your Grace

(c) Colin Waldock  12.11.2015 nemesis

My last post spoke about why we worship and briefly about the reasons why I was unable to deliver the sermon as I had planned to.

In truth , I have hit a block where I have had to accept that I am exhausted, and as a consequence my long term tendency to suffer with anxiety has reared it's head.  I suspect that I am also mildly clinically depressed as I find it difficult to read for long periods of time, my concentration spans have shortened, and I have lost interest in things generally.  Despite being successful in my job, I somehow feel that if I were to retire tomorrow, what the heck?

My GP has been very helpful, and I have been a dutiful patient and made contact with the counselling service.  The huge irony in all this is that run a counselling and listening service at my local church, I completed some training in counselling to assist me in my active listening, and yet my commitment to listening has in part led to me becoming plain "wore out" to use the vernacular.

Why do we worship?

I was due to deliver this sermon this Sunday, but have had a setback with my long term anxiety, something that I though I had successfully managed to a point that it was no longer an issue, however due to multiple strands of stress, including behaviour patterns from people in Churches and at work and my own inability to say NO, I have found myself exhausted, emotionally fragile, and in a bit of state really.  GP has said stop, so stop it is.

I have therefore relinquished my position as Steward at my local Church, but will continue in my work as a local preacher as that is what God has called me to do, be a prophet in effect, sharing his word.

below is the Sermon I was due to deliver in a service that was themed as "Worship stripped bare".

As I started to pray and to reflect on the message for today, I found myself struck by a question.Why do we worship, and why do we nearly always get it wrong?I know, before anyone whispers under his or her breath – that’s technically two que…


The angel came again last night
No choirs of heaven
A silent whisper in the night
"Move the child"
"Move the child - danger!"

We listened before
We will listen again
Fear fills my soul
He didn't say "Do not fear"
He said "danger"
Move the child

We left at dawn
as fast as we could
leaving our family and friends
to God knows what
Fear drives us onwards
Fear for ourselves, dread for our friends

Hidden just over the border
Refugees at large
We hear of the killing
innocents slaughtered
my sisters raped and butchered
the village razed

All for the child
I look into his eyes
sadness and love reflected
tears fall on tiny cheeks
oh Lord, my Lord
Asleep in my arms


Part 3 of my Christmas meditations:

Angel song covers a mother’s cries of pain I am born of my own creation Fully human, just like you Frail and fragile To suffer pain, just like you To feel hunger, just like you To be tempted, just like you To be reviled, just like you To cry, just like you To be betrayed, just like you To suffer, just like you To die, just like you
But I created death and I am with you now When you suffer pain, I am with you When you hunger, I am with you When you are tempted, I am with you When you are reviled, I am with you When you cry, I am with you When you are betrayed I am with you When you suffer, I am with you When you die, I am with you
As the angels sing, so I sing too