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Following a positive Local Preacher support meeting on Wednesday when it was proposed for me to progress to being on trial subject to a satisfactory trial service, I led the service this morning at a church at Swanscombe.  it was an old building and a small congregation mostly elderly folk with one young couple and one young mother (the only non white person in the congregation) who attended with her two young children

Though the service flowed OK, I forgot to include the Lords Prayer.  This was because I have always linked the Lords Prayer with the intercessory prayers slot and I had delegated this to someone else.  Learning Point - I need to maintain my awareness of the service as it happens so that I can insert/adapt as required.  It remains my sole responsibility.  I felt that the start of the service was a bit stuttery on my part.  I wonder why that was as I felt I had prepared very well.  I think that having not been to the church before it was quite a shock when I arrived and i…