Part 2 of my series for the coming Christmas

Mary is pregnant with her child, and is faced with the looks and whispers of those around her:

I am isolated
from family, society, temple and Joseph.
I hear the constant harping;
whispers behind my back.
they call me unclean, a whore.

I never dreamt it would be this way,
that day when I saw the Angel.
My son, the Messiah,
and yet I am attracting hatred and derision.
What will happen to him?

I feel so alone
Where is God now?
And the I stop and listen, really listen
for that still small voice.
In the midst of hatred, love rises.

So is this the way of Messiah
attracting all that is vile
and transforming it with love?
God is literally growing inside me..
I fear for his safety.

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