It's early I know, Christmas is a long way off, but it feels as though 2 kingdoms are getting close again, for me Christmas has always been a time when Heaven and Earth come as it were in touching distance.

So here is a poem, about Mary and an Angel and a young man who is going to be asked to trust more than he has ever trusted before in his life.


Can it really be true?
Did it really happen or was I dreaming?
The man in white
Piercing eyes and words of steel
Yet emanating love from every pore of his being
He had “stood with God”, he said
I would “have a child “ he said
He would be the “Son of God”, he said

It must be a dream
I haven’t been with a man
It can’t be true
And yet…
Did I really say those things
Things I have been too scared to say
Things about revolution
A world turned upside down

It’s too good to be true
Too scary to be true
What will Joseph say?
What will Joseph do?

I wish it was all a dream
But I felt the first kick inside me today
He said I am carrying the Messiah

Can it really be true?

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