Christmas - what is the point?

Christmas has come
Presents unwrapped
Tree emptied of gifts
Carols joined in with
Card written and posted
Is this all there is?

No snow this year
White Christmas only in dreams of yesteryear
The Earth is changing rapidly
Adapting to what we have done
Floods, hurricanes, storms as never before
If we don’t adapt, then what will happen?

Political point scoring
Apocalyptic madness
Refugees of war
The disease of corporate greed
Worshipping money and power
Can we not see the consequences?

The Christ has come
Yet still unrecognized, unseen
Unwrapped, ignored, imprisoned within his manger
Jesus, Immanuel
God in human form

Jesus out of the manger
Jesus at large, to the world a danger
Jesus the rebel, the healer
The sacrifice
The King
Our Lord and our God

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