A psalm for the 21st Century life

mental or physical, chicken or egg
trapped by a rat race.
Extra hours, no lunch
smart phones
no time for family or pleasure.
Work work work

Felled by my own success
called to a stop,
an inability to go on.
So I'll get off the rat race
that I didn't think I was on!
I will listen again to the ryhthms of life

I am plain exhausted
in body mind and spirit
can't think, can't plan.
What can I do?
R'n'R the doctor says
and on a bleak November day
I manage "Clementine" on the keyboard
small shoot of recovery?

The only word from God is
"Rest in my arms"
Lord God, creator of all
hold me safe as I rest
hold me safe as I accept your love
wash me again in your Grace

(c) Colin Waldock  12.11.2015

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