sin and ego

Sin and ego, lifetime buddies
always there, always ready
like a big thick bungy band
ready to pull me back
always dragging at my back.

God washes me every day
pouring Grace through me, changing me
like water filling a jug
ready to fill me and explode in me
Please don't let me spill a drop.

Temptation abounds
Oh! How to imitate the Christ!
For a fleeting moment I do
but like gravity, sin is inexorable
I can't break free, I can't keep up

The "I", The ego. The buddy of sin
"I" can't or won"t break free.
Why do I rely on me?
If only I trusted in God's"me"
the image I was meant to be

So another day, another way,
will I let sin or ego hold sway?
Or will I reach into the one,
the one who shines within me
My Lord, my rock, my sweet shalom.

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