prayer of adoration

Lord God, creator of galaxies, stars and all kinds of matter.
Lord of the visible and the invisible, we praise you in your Glory.  We lift our praises to you, not for our benefit but in gratitude and realization that you are God.

All the praises of Heaven, all the hymns sung in Christendom cannot fully reflect the majesty and wonder of your Glory, and yet you chose to reveal yourself to us in the shape of a man born of the poor. 

Such is your love O Lord.  Such is your love. 

That you would become a slave for our sake.  You died a barbaric death for us, but Jesus rose again and through the power of the Holy Spirit, you have and always will be with us, at our side, as we reach out for you.

Through the quantum oddness of Time-Space, you, the source of all lie, of all things reach out to us mere specks of dust on a landscape, because you love us; because you are love; and love endures, love never dies and love will always prevail.

So Lord, we try to love you as you love us and we lift our praises to you in the highest heaven, because of Love

In Jesus Name


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