Prayer of Confession

Father, how often it is that we bow our heads in shame
For we carry even now our burdens of sin.
Even though you took our yoke from us
All to readily , we almost avidly seek to reclaim it.
Forgive us Father for our lack of faith –
Our inability to just let go of things.

We ask for your help so that we may stop putting our own needs over and above that of our neighbour;
Help us to stop abusing others just because they believe something different, or look different, or just sound different.

Help us to stop fearing change; to stop creating idols like football, nations, status, and celebrity.

Stop the greed, the arrogance, the fake humility, the false piety.

Father, help us to stop.  Just stop         and learn to listen and to rest in you.

Help us to pray.       Help us to trust.    Help us to love and Help us to forgive.

Father, we open ourselves to you now, letting you remove our shackles and yokes that we burden ourselves with; for your yoke is easy and your burden is light

In this moment of silence, release your selves to God, let the Holy Spirit enter you and know that you are beloved children and that you are forgiven.

In Jesus Name you are forgiven


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