New Beginnings

I have previously posted on here about my experience of depression.  it is with some relief that I can now say that I have emerged from that long dark tunnel and someone has gone and turned the lights on again!

I am even back at work, with two new beginnings.  A lecturer post at a local University and working for a colleague of mine in a private practice.  Both roles mean that I can devote myself to doing a job that I enjoy wholeheartedly, and I am blessed to be working with wonderful people.

Thank you to all the health professionals who have helped me along the way especially my GP who has been fantastic and for the counsellor who both challenged and cajoled me into seeing from the past into a future that I wasn't sure existed any more.  And to my family without whom I am sure that things would have been so very different.

My future is again interesting, so for all out there who experience mental health (or ill health) issues, hold on, there are people out there who care enough to help you.  In the darkness, it is almost impossible to see a way forward on one's own, but by accepting the gentle help of others and guidance it is possible to stagger a way forward until you can see again.  The big learning lesson for me has been one of trust, trust in oneself and trust in others.

God Bless

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