Back home among the villagers
Whispers and innuendo float just below the surface
Something dodgy about my birth,
Too bright for me own good, dangerous,
Unclean, can’t be trusted.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
To bring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf,
Movement to the paralysed, life to the dead.
A jubilee year of jubilees
Good News, but only if you want to hear it.

Who doesn’t want to hear the Good News?
Those in power and influence
Those with plenty to lose
Those afraid of change
Those hiding lies and deceit.

Today, this scripture is fulfilled.
Questions, sugary sweet, probing
Disarming scripture
I reply with God’s vision
A volcano starts as a rumble of disquiet

Like a virus, hate spreads in the room
Anger like steam erupts at weak points
Venting fear and distrust
You’re the bastard child aren’t you?
Filth, dirt, how dare you defile us?

Carried out in a wave of anger
A crowd moving as one
Fuelled by fear and hatred
They want me dead
Is my mission done here?

I stop myself in the moment
Heaven fills me, overflowing all around
I see them, but they can’t see me
Blinded by their hate
I walk past.

I see my brothers, pain and anguish fill their eyes
I have disgraced my family
Because I put God first?
I walk on, shaking the dust off my feet
Nazareth, Oh Nazareth, could you not see?

©  Colin Waldock  6/4/2016

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