Luke 1:1-25

Some points for a bible study we used the other day with a group of people:

Chrysalis bible study – 1                16/02/05

Luke 1  1-25

References NIV, Message
Page N – The Wrong Messiah
Morris L  Tyndale Commentaries – Luke
·      Like the other Gospels this was written to help people know the truth about Jesus, not just a historical biography
·      Luke’s Gospel is part 1 of 2 parts –Acts is part 2.  He is the only synoptic writer to write 2 parts
·      Luke is a non-jew.  He is an outsider.  Possibly a physician.  He is writing to Theophilus but intends for his book to be published to a wider audience than just one family.  Perhaps Theophilus ran a home group.  The original churches.  Theophilus has already been taught about Jesus  (verse 4)
·      Zechariah priest of order of Abijah.
·      Married to Elizabeth the daughter of a priest, but barren
·      Abijah the 8th of 24 Priestly divisions. Each division on duty twice a year.  More Priests than jobs so drawn by lot.  Normally Priests only could offer incense once in their lifetime so this was a big deal for Zechariah.
·      Gabriel suddenly present. Zechariah filled with fear. (How does this compare to our thoughts about God now?)
·      Zechariah’s prayer answered.  Probably for the redemption of Israel.  He and Elizabeth to have a Son as well.  (God’s provision of Grace always surpasses our needs)
·      John is to prepare Israel for the new age.  He will be like Elijah, one of Israel’s greatest Prophets.
·      Zechariah refuses to believe this – he is an old man. He asks for a sign
·      Gabriel gives him one – for refusing the good news, Zechariah unable to speak until the birth which will happen in God’s time.  (Zechariah would not have known how long, or if we would ever speak again.  There are consequences for being flippant with God)
·      Elisabeth subsequently conceives – normally, and rejoices. – she would have been prone to rumour and back talk for many years.


How would you respond if you saw an Angel?

What do you think Angels are?

What does this say about God?

Zechariah did not receive the good news and initially refused to     acknowledge it.  What thoughts does this give you about God?

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