psalm for today

A psalm for Today

The Lord cries out
“Have you forgotten me?
Have you forgotten justice, righteousness and love
Where are you going?

Some of you have an obsession with guns
And you act surprised when young men lay dead on your streets, or a child kills a teacher by accident
These are consequences of an inability to walk with me

Selfishness, nationalism and anger breed extremism
You kill those unlike yourselves
Borders are argued over; killed over.
You kill in my name.
You drag my name in the gutter, depositing your sin on me

You extremists, your activities are repugnant to me
You Fundamentalists, you make me want to cry out in frustration
You are all so full of your own ego
I know longer recognise you
You call out Lord, Lord but I don’t know you.

Stop the Killing, do you think I want sacrifice
Stop the Killing, I want justice peace and honesty
I spread my arms in the gutter for you once
Absorbing all your hate and vile
You don’t need to carry on

Have you forgotten me?

I have not forgotten you”

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