Election promises

Well here we are at the time of election promises.  Difficult to know who to trust, if anyone.  The problem of being blessed with a half decent memory and getting older at the same time is you tend to remember previous promises made by politicians, though at least entertaining watching politicians falling over to make themselves look slightly silly in an never ending sequence of photo opportunities.

What does it mean to make a promise?  Is is to say what you would like to do, or to say that you ARE going to do something.  Thinking of what the Bible says about promises, it is clear that a promise is something that as far as God is concerned carries some gravitas.  Why else would Jesus give the advise But I say, do not make any vows!" Matt 5.34.  We are hopeless at keeping our promises but we continue to try and to so.  

So come on you politicians, stop promising what you can't deliver and you may find that the electorate hold you in greater regard and respect.

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