on being Sorry

Father, we are sorry.
Sorry for being selfish.  Sorry for not being proactive enough for your word.  Sorry for being afraid that others may laugh at us or do worse.  Sorry for hiding in churches when your commission is to spread the Good News to all.

Sorry for all the infighting that occurs in your Churches.  For the snide put downs, for theological bullying, for academic prejudice.
We come to you today knowing that we are all in need of your Grace.  Whatever our status, we are all equal in your eyes, equally needy and sinful.

In this moment of silence then we bring before you our private confession……………………..

Holy Father, we are so aware of Jesus’ example to us and we pledge again today to come back to you.  To be obedient to your commandment to love one another as you loved us.  For who else can we turn to Lord, except you.  Only you have the words of eternal life.

We therefore gladly accept your judgement, and remain overwhelmed that it is a judgement of Grace and not of terror.  We are continually in awe that you offer us forgiveness and that we are accepted as your children.

Filled by your Grace and truth Lord, we rise as new before your Throne

In Jesus Name


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