New Year

Well here we are in a new year.  I must say I never fully understand the interest around the new year as really it is just another day.  Perhaps more important from my perspective is the birthday celebration of one of my daughters. 

The news is the same, the US adding more sanctions against N Korea over that odd incident surrounding what I hear is just a poor film.  Another ship is rescued in the mediterranean, full of people seeking refuge in the EU. Air Asia continue to find bodies of people lost on flight QZ8501.

I have just finished reading Revelation Road by Nick Page, great book again and so refreshing to read Christian material by someone with the freedom of expression to allow for humour.  For perhaps the first time, I may just be able to understand Revelations a bit when I next read it, it is on my list of "to reads".  It is really very relevant just now with an election in the offing in the UK this year.  No doubt we will be bombarded by the political parties telling us to place our trust in them as they know what to do, and only they can fix things..  Today in fact the Tories put out their first election poster!  I think I would rather put my faith in God rather than some self serving politicians personally.   Just saying.

Not sure who I will vote for, all I know is that my sister in Yorkshire is one of the working poor, she has 3 jobs and still struggles to look after herself and her disabled partner.  Can't afford to fix the boiler, no central heating etc.
Meanwhile Westminster"s PR machine rolls on telling us the poor are lazy and we all need to work harder and longer.  I am not sure this is as simple as the DWP would have us believe really.

Any way folks this year is sure to be interesting, and I hope that it brings any reader good fortune and more importantly may you know God's presence fully.  God is reigning!

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