prayer of thanksgiving

Lord Jesus, we want to thank you for coming into humanity.  For showing us what your Father is like.  For showing us where we have got it all so very, very wrong.

For loving us enough to open heaven’s door to us.  For loving us so much that you don’t turn away when we show our ugly side.  For loving us enough to die for us in order that we might be saved from ourselves.

For loving us again and again as you bring to us a resurrection life.

Thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit; breathing new life into dry bones.  Breathing warm fire into cold hearts, piercing our hearts and minds with the light of heaven.

Thank you for opening for us the way to a lasting relationship with you, the Father and the Holy Spirit, in the way that you intended at the beginning of time.

We come to you today Lord, offering all that we are.  We know if falls short, but we also know that you are so full of Grace that you turn our paltry thanks into a gift as bright as the brightest sun in the heavens.

In your Holy Name


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