prayer of adoration

Father, we approach you today in humble adoration,
We come as we are, with all our faults and fears, all our hangups and frustrations to meet the one who holds creation together.

You created the universe with the wild beauty of black holes and exploding stars; you produced the weirdness of quantum mechanics and space time, where gravity alters time itself.
We look outside the window and see your handiwork in the beauty of flowers, blossom and the grandeur of trees.

We see the diversity of life on this small planet, and wonder awestruck by the strength of a polar bear to the intricacy of a butterfly’s wing.

We are rendered speechless by the complexity inside life.  The wonders of the human brain; the miracle of breathing.  And in the delicacy of a baby’s hand, we see your wonder and delight in your love, trying to love you back.

Father, as we turn to you this morning and continue on our Lenten journey, hold us up in your hands, those same hands that created all that is seen and unseen, the same hands that healed creation by being nailed to a cross.

Free us from our fears, faults and frustrations, that we may once again be born again in you, born again because of the miracle at the Empty tomb; birthplace of new life, new experiences and the priceless gift of walking our life accompanied by Jesus himself.

May the Lord lift our hearts and minds towards heaven this morning and May the Holy Spirit fill this place and full us so that we spill over with the love and joy enjoyed by the trinity.


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