I had the pleasure of preaching at GMC today, for the second Sunday in Advent.  The church was filled with 24 Christmas Trees for the Tree Festival.  Worship was fantastic,  with some really good and uplifting songs, a mix of contemporary and traditional.  The theme for my sermon was Looking for God today with a reflection on Mark V 1-10, the story of Jesus' transfiguration, and considering its relevance for us today in the Advent season when we are preparing for the coming of Jesus. We considered ways that God makes himself present today in peoples lives.  And our challenge was to be ready for Jesus at any time.

 In the prayers of intercession we remembered South Africa coming to terms with the loss of Nelson Mandela this week, the churches in North Korea under threat of persecution, the political leadership of this country, on the day when they have been awarded a disgusting pay award whilst the rest of the country is struggling to make ends meet.

The church was approximately half full with a congregation of @60, of mixed age and gender.  the comments received after were very positive and most encouraging especially as I am waiting for feedback from Methodist House for a revision of my last reflection submitted as part of my Faith and Worship programme.

The heartfelt feedback from an active congregation somehow is more meaningful than an assessor who is an absolute stranger to me and the Church.

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