It has been a while since I last blogged.  I have now progressed in the journey to being placed "on note" as a local preacher.  On reflection this has not seemed to change me very much at the moment.  I am still full of questions and sometimes doubts, though these days I voice those doubts from within the very presence of God himself/herself??  Does that sound odd.  The thought that I might apply a feminine typology to God or that I can voice doubts from within God's very presence.  Of course God is not a him or a her, not in the way we understand gender.  But I have come to believe that the deliniation of a "He" in isolation to that which is God is limiting our viewpoint.  I have to concede here that the pagans have a point.  I am certain there is a feminine dimention to the Trinity.  Perhaps to be found within the Holy Spirit??  Of course, I maintain that the pagans are wrong is rejecting Jesus, who is fully human and fully God.  The rejection of Jesus also leads by deduction to the rejection of all they seem to hold dear - the feminine principle.  Truly within God there is no distinction of sex, you get both or none, there is no room for one or the other.

So much has happened in the last month.  We had a mains leak in the house and are currently going through the repair experience.  It is teaching us patience.  The Government is playing silly beggars with the NHS again, we now have to work harder for longer and pretend to provide high quality services.  We have been told we are required to clear our waiting list of 6 months within 4 months.  Interesting?  How this will effect on quality of care will only end in one way, patients will complain - an increasingly common occupation these days. We are also heading for a strike on 30 Nov over the pensions issue.  I am not too sure as to how long I will remain within the NHS (or what's left of it - we are currently employed by a "social enterprise- which I cant think of without bringing to mind the USS Enterprise warping somewhere without any idea of where).  Only God can determine this.  I am increasingly of the mind that I stay where he wants me and will go where he wills.  This fits biblically with the wanderings of the Spirit that it will flit where it will. 

I have been asked to do the intercessory prayers again, this time in the morning Carol Service on 18 December.  I am looking forward to this.  I am also due to start my formal training on 22 Nov.  Will be back soon to keep you informed.

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