Intercessory Prayers 18.9.2011.

Today the journey feels as though it has really begun.  At a packed service at GMC which included fan infant christening (which is always interesting) two adult baptisms, with a further person entering into membership, and holy communion, I was asked to lead the intercessory prayers slot.  This I did via a powerpoint.  With the assistance of the IT guys the presentation went well.  Initial comments have been positive.  Nothing went too pearshaped.  I look forward now to the next challenge.  I understand that there is not going to be a local preachers meeting until November so I am in a bit of a limbo situation regarding the training at present.  However, this may be a blessing from God and I will accept it as such.  The reading today focussed on the baptism of Jesus from Marks Gospel, and ended with Jesus enduring 40 days of temptation in the desert.  I wonder how I would have coped? I got the feeling that the scripture was speaking to me.  Does this mean that I am now going to enter my own poustinia.  What temptations will I face?  Same old ones I suspect!  i must dig deep in the wings of the Father.  I feel this may be a critical time in the journey.

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