Election Fever

Here in the UK Election Fever has well and truly taken over.  Where we live there seem to be an unusually large number of advertising posters for a party called UKIP.  One wonders how they will actually fare when it comes to the count on Thursday.  Officially this is a time called Purdah, which means that I am unable to publically espouse one party over another.  Suffice to say that wherever we go on the streets, online on facebook or with email, we are all bombarded with promises and seducements all with the aim of getting our vote.  How do we see through this mire of claim and counter-claim.

For so long, people have become untrusting of politicians.  There is a meme going round on the internet which says it all,  it says I'm voting Muppet, we will get one anyway!  Is this what we really wish for from our political representative.  Somehow, it is not what we wish for but it is likely that it is what most of us expect.  Such is the depth of disillusionment with politics in the UK at the moment.

How can politicians start to regain the trust of the electorate?  Has the election campaign really helped?  Have the debates on TV promoted better trust or have they just led to a position where most of the electorate take what politicians say with a pinch of salt and find them objects of comedy.

Time will tell of course.  But it is important to vote otherwise one becomes voiceless.  As a Christian, we seek to promote honesty, righteousness and justice.  Which of the parties is most likely to work for that?

I will let you decide

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