Sunday School

I volunteered to lead one of our Sunday school classes this morning.  In fact it is a good thing for a local preacher to do, to meet with the youngest of our prospective church members and for the youngsters to get to know your face.

We read the story of Martha and Mary, and despite the young age of my group @4 years, we were able to discuss the importance of listening to Jesus, to treat people fairly, and not to think boys and girls should be treated differently due to their gender.  The children drew pictures of Jesus, Martha or Mary and copied a prayer that I had created.  Some of them managed joining the dots of letters to make the prayer, one of the children copied the prayer by hand.

At the end of the session we joined in a simple prayer.

Often I hear that the Sunday School is a time for play, but today I was really pleased with the 3 young children in my class.  Instead of running around, they focussed on something and achieved something.  I was very proud of them especially when we then went back into the church to join the main church in a time of prayer during which the children sat quietly absorbing the events.

Whilst it is not something that I would say is my calling, I feel that it is something the local preachers should do not only as part of their training but as part of their commitment to their local church

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