Well, I am coming to the end of my training period as a local preacher.  I have completed all the assignments and they are currently at the markers.

Today I led the service at GMC and chose to make as my message the theme Repentance, Redemption and Renewal.  As in all Churches there have been a few upsets and I felt urged to bring the whole church on a journey back to God.  The sermon is on my previous post, and I am pleased to say that the comments received immediately after the service were positive.  I received this text message after the service that is very uplifting.

"Todays service left me feeling thoughtful but also uplifted in the knowledge that we all have struggles but can turn in our repentance to a God of love and forgiveness who will always restore us back onto the road he has planned for our lives. He is always there beside us and will replenish us time and time again. It was also very humbling to pray the Lords Prayer with others. Humbling in the sense of reminding me of his love for each and everyone one of us, whoever we are, we pray to the same Father. He's not just my father, but the Father of all. Very overwhelming - in a good way. "

Thank you to all who have supported my in this call that God has given me.

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