Father, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
So how do I ?
How do I forgive the drunk driver;
the pimp; the drug dealer;
the terrorist; the soldier;
the bully; the abuser;
the murderer; the dictator;
the disease; the accident;
the suicide; the pain; the loss

I try and fail, I try and I fail;
I walk away; to find God waiting,
"Let me Help - We'll do it together"

I try and manage a bit, then fall again
No judgement
Just Love

Love the enemy - Whose the Enemy?!
Me? God? The other?
"Love all" comes the reply
"Let me show you"

And he reaches out arms of love,
seared by nails, hurting with pain'
betrayed by a friend, killed by a dictator

Forgive them Father....Forgive

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