Prayer of Thanksgiving

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord, we come to you in Gratitude on this weekend when we remember the Holocaust. We are grateful that by the act of remembering, we can act willfully to heal past hurts and further act with a determination never to let such an atrocity ever happen again. 

We thank you for your Son who came to save us from our sins, and open our hearts and minds to love our neighbour, and then to the realization that our enemy is also our neighbour.

You are the LORD of Love, and Love is the most powerful act of will in the universe.  Love overcomes all things.

Lord, lead us to new insights to lead us further away from fear and violence and bring us closer to your Heart of Love.  A love that leads us to love you and also each other.  A love that led you to the Cross for our sake.

Lord Jesus, we praise you and give you our lives in gratitude.

In your most Holy Name


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