Service Reflection 11.11.12

Today I led my first remembrance service at lower stoke Methodist church to a congregation of approx 11 people.  The service went very well and incorporated members of the congregation in its delivery.  we observed the two minutes of silence following a video presentation of scenes depicting conflict ranging from WW1 to the present day conflict in Afghanistan.  The message was focussed on the need to follow and embrace the way of Jesus, that of rejecting warfare and violence whatever the cost.

the service was well accepted by the congregation with a number of positive comments from the congregation in the immediate aftermath.

i felt that the service flowed well, with appropriate solemnity balanced with reflection and thought.  My mentor John Stunnell was present and he commented that Remembrance services were very difficult to manage, however he felt that I had performed and planned it very well and that he was very pleased.

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